Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stir It Up

So, at work, as always, but today is a day unlike all the others. Why you ask? Well, because the Minuscule Tool and the Giant Baby Tuna are no longer here!! Unfortunately, not forever, just until Monday. Who the fuck is that you ask? Well, those are my bosses. No names allowed unless they somehow stumble along my blog, in which case i will probably get fired anyway because there are only two of them and they will know exactly who i'm talking about. A risk i should be taking? I don't care, it's too good to pass up. I don't know how Giant Baby Tuna (GBT) for short got his name really, just during one of my bizarre conversations with Paige (Zeeswagga - ch ch ch check it out) about how weird people are, especially him, but i DO know how the Minuscule Tool got his name...because he's far too short with an ego far too big. And he's just a tool. Like really, you think of a bro, a tool, a douche, he is the epitome of all of them, with a faux hawk and a huge truck to boot. But hallelujah the day has come where they have both left the office for two days of normal workday bliss! And by bliss i mean i am free to blog in peace and text while i work without getting written up, because God forbid i look at my phone in between emails and phone calls. I am pretty sure, if i managed to text all my way through high school, i can do just fine at work as well. (oh p.s. if you want a website DON'T call us, you'll just add to my workload & you'll just be mad at how long it takes with Business Promotion). Okay so in all honesty, i do like my job, i need the money, the girls i work with are cool, albeit there are only 3 other girls that work here, but they're cool, and the designers aren't too bad either, graphic designers are a different breed of men (interjection!: I say men because all the designers i work with are men, i understand there are some fantastic female graphic designers, so calm yourself, i know it goes both ways) i feel they're a lot funnier, weirder but a shitload funnier than most, i just cannot stand the owners! I mean, yes owning your own company (uhm reality check you've only had it for almost a year) does give you the authority to micromanage and not do a thing all day, but have you ever realized what it does for the morale of your employees? Nothing, it just pisses them off. Why the fuck should i keep typing and calling away to update these bitches of their website status while you walk around the office and bother me with stupid comments and every time i cough tell me i should "make some lifestyle changes". NO, no i shouldn't, and it would take a person i respect far more than YOU Minuscule Tool, to make me change anyway, so save your breath and ride your bike to your frat party to flirt with girls and forget you have a wife.
Wife? Husband? Marriage is weird. I just can't see myself being tied to one person for the rest of my life until one day one of us decides they change their mind and my life gets turned upside down by a messy divorce. Now you're probably thinking, "wow i bet her parents got divorced and she's scared of the same thing." No, stupid idiot, they are not divorced, they are still married and very much in love, there are just far too many creeps in this world for me to keep the faith in regards to true love. I know it sounds pessimistic, but i like to view myself as more of a realist instead. Just calling 'em as i see 'em ya know? At least in my 19 years of young love experience and perverted teenage boys, i don't see much monogamy in my future. Wow, i sound so bitter for being so young don't I? I mean, i really would love nothing more for the perfect adorable punk bad ass music loving snowboarding awesome dressing hilarious boy of my dreams to just leap into my life and prove me wrong, but boys these days are making me feel bad for having such high standards. Hmm, how many things are wrong with that sentence? I can count a few, which has completely diverted me from my original topic (which i'll post about later, it's too good to divulge just yet) to that of, why do people suck so bad? I'm not some man hating bitch i swear to you, i actually have more guy friends than girl friends when i think of it, but really, people seem to suck a lot more lately when i start to pay attention to things i hear. Albeit i AM an avid reader of the website, i'm sure some of them are fake yaddayadayada, but really there are some pretty ridiculous situations on there. I feel grateful for the fact that i can't even begin to wrap my head around some of the shitty things people do, which in my mind really just verifies the fact that i am just a good person, easy as that! Example:

Today, my fitness trainer husband told me that if I could not make the commitment to stay thin, he could not make the commitment to stay with me. FML

Okay, WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me? First off i don't really have any sympathy for this person because, well i don't have sympathy for people very often (i feel empathy serves everyone better in the long run, your problems won't go away just because i agree with how bad they suck i promise), but come on lady, i'm sure there were some signs along the way that you were marrying a shallow materialistic prick, but wow, who in the world thinks they call the shots THAT much? Control freaks drive me crazy, i understand the OCD's of this world, hell i could probably be thrown into that category myself if it really comes down to it, but who do you think you are to tell everyone in your life what they can and can't do? We're given free will so we don't have to listen to ass holes like you, regardless of the consequences good or bad. I mean these people go around their whole lives, bossing their parents when they're little tykes, their friends in high school (you know the mean girls of this world), their partner in relationships, the poor fools, and finally their little monsters of their own. I live for the moments when people like this finally "get what's coming to them" whatever that may be, and kudos to those who throw caution to the wind and stand up to people like this, even if you do end up jobless or divorced. It's probably better for you in the long run anyways! So there's an upside! (see i really am positive!) Funny, how strangely enough this tangent has brought me back round trip to the Minuscule Tool...bastard. Well, for now i'm done, my eyes are starting to blur from staring at the computer screen without averting my eyes for too long, so here's some hella gnarly vidz 4 ur viewing pleasure LOLZ! But really they're good:

Okay and this little gem, which won't let me embed, but take a peek, it's the band my blog's named after, real swell band, and nothing better than this song as a sing-along in the car on the way up to a sunny day of fresh powder up the canyon, aaaah winter, how i miss you:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dirty Harry

Oh hey blogging world, forgot you were there. Okay so i have been slacking on the blog-age, mainly due to the fact that karma came around and bit me in the ass. All my bragging about my easy job and nothing to do except blog my life away...the job's still here and the free time has flown out the window, who'd have guessed?!?!
So I've realized, that i love to talk, hence i love to blog! I think that this weirds people out…i could be wrong, but most likely I'm not. I mean, i could talk to basically anyone about anything, but not everyone likes to talk to just anyone, about anything. Sometimes people almost seem offended, like have you ever been in an awkward situation with someone you don’t really know, so you try to make polite conversation, about something, anything, and they just stare at you like you have leprosy or are speaking Chinese? Uuuuhm hello? I just asked you what kind of music you like? It’s a pretty simple question!!! People are too awkward, I mean situations like that would be a lot easier to handle if you just roll with the flow of the conversation, which really isn’t that hard, especially if you’re talking to someone like me who will just keep going and going if you let them. Who knows, although I guess it does make for a pleasant surprise when you finally talk to someone who knows how to hold there own in a conversation. It reminds me that normal people still exist, and that texting and Facebooking hasn’t replaced EVERYONE’S social skills just yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good Facebook creep around every now and then when I’m bored out of mind, or to exchange pleasantries with people I enjoy but don’t really care about too much, there’s nothing wrong with that! But okay, the people who constantly update their lives like every two hours? Or looks through everyones pictures and updates to see what’s going on in the lives of everyone who’s clearly not friends with you enough for them to tell you themselves? That’s just a little bit creepy to me. I mean these people don’t talk to you for a reason….get a hint internet stalker.

Another site I don’t understand whaaaaatsoever: Twitter. Fucking Twitter. Whoever designed that should be lynched. I mean really? That’s disgusting, who follows those types of things? I once made a comment about how stupid I though it was, and someone told me it was because I “didn’t understand”. Oh really? Don’t I? It can’t be that complex…you update what you’re doing, all day…everyday. Uhm hello? This is called a blog. If I have stupid things I feel like other people should read, I will write them on here, not a one like basic Facebook status update turned worldwide takeover website. I don’t want to follow you on twitter, I really couldn’t care less what you do with your day, that’s your business, if I wanted to know I would follow you around, or text you.

I mean even texting is pretty lame! The only people I care to text are those who text like they talk, or people I can actually carry a conversation with. There’s no point texting me for small talk, I’ll reply, maybe 5 times max, and then I’m over it. My attention span isn’t that long, and I really don’t want to hear about how you are today, just get to the point, there’s probably an underlying reason as to why you’re texting me anyway, and if there is you should just get to it, I have a life and I feel it’s much better lived when I’m not staring at a screen…I already do it 8 hours a day. There’s nothing to understand about Twitter, except for the world to understand how pointless it is to use. Period. End of story. I mean, for you to be updating that many things…how are you actually doing the activities you’re updating about? That doesn’t make sense, and why do you feel like people need to know that you just left you’re house and you’re going to pick up dry cleaning? Or that you just got home and now you’re going to have dinner? Yeah I mean that’s what I figured you did when you went home in the evening…I don’t really care beyond that because your weird personal business is your own weird personal business….that’s why it’s…personal….business. I mean really at this point, I have basically lost almost all my faith in humanity. A little pessimism now and then never hurt anyone!

So like I said before, I’m a talker. I just like to talk, I enjoy interacting with other people, and I have far too many thoughts to keep my mouth shut at all times, it’s difficult to say the least. I mean I’m sure most people have a lot of thoughts throughout the day, but I feel like mine must be more than average, not to say I’m smarter than the average person, I just have a lot of thoughts, regardless of whether that’s just how I am, or due to the amount of psychedelics I’ve done, that’s just how my mind works. Apparently, the problem is that when I like to talk…I talk loud. I’ve been told it time and time again, but I never really realized it until about ten minutes ago, when I was told again. But first off, I mean why would you tell someone that? What am I supposed to do? Apologize for the level of my voice? It’s not like I can help it people. Second off, I swear I’m not THAT loud, but then again maybe I’m just used to it. I guess I would have to ask a complete stranger to really get an answer to that question, although strangers are often weirded out by me and probably would just say yes because they aren’t used to random females asking if the level of their voice makes them uncomfortable. Who knows?! The mysteries of life will apparently, remain just that, mysteries. And I will just have to keep pondering, and blogging with my theories.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I think at this point in time i can honestly say i don't remember the last time i was THIS tired. It's a little bit ridiculous, weekends mess me up i guess, since during the week i'm pretty used to my "up by 7" routine, but unfortunately when i get 2 days to sleep in it puts me all out of whack. Terrible ordeal on my part i'd say, since mondays are the worst anyways, ugh! Better to just suck it up i suppose and hope i don't fall asleep on my desk, although i'm sure if i did there wouldn't be any negative repurcussions at all, i would probably just get teased a whole bunch.

Anyways, as i turned on my computer today and opened up the web browser it turned to yahoo daily whatever celebrity gossip nonsense...awesome. Since i have close to no drama in my own life i prefer to just read about other peoples, and this morning i was greeted by a lovely and pretty hilarious story, concerning Miley Cyrus (eeeeew) and her attempts to diss Radiohead. As the story goes the lovely Hannah Montana bitched and complained because Radiohead didn't want to meet her backstage at the grammies, gimme a break Miley, Radiohead is one of the greatest bands in the world and you sing about having the best of both worlds. What could you even possibly begin to talk to them about? The fact that you're both backstage at the Grammy's? And she'd probably ruin the conversation within the first 2 minutes anyway by using one of her dumb hilbilly phrases and doing her awkward man laugh. I just think it's annoying that just because Radiohead doesn't want to meet her (okay and really, they're probably the most shy band ever anyways, why are you bitching?) she decides she's so mad she's going to "ruin them?" Oh really? Yeah that'll be the day, you and your 15 year old revenge tactics..way to go, the day Miley Cyrus "ruins" Radiohead is the day i learn to fly and stop listening to music forever.....

Friday, March 13, 2009


Propel, NOT the drink, meaning the phone actually. Here's the deal, yesterday AT&T decided to suck at everything and i was no longer able to send or recieve text messages due to service issues....yeah, i thought it was my phone. So although my old phone had been to hell and back, and by hell i mean the garbage disposal, it still worked fine and was cute and i thoroughly enjoyed it. But yesterday i got a little upset because it wouldn't send texts sooooo i stepped on it.....and the screen turned into an etch-a-sketch. But!!! Looking on the brightside, i convinced my mother to give me an early birthday present by telling her it was an emergency and i desperately needed a new phone. So it worked because i am master manipulator and can get anything i want as long as i know how to ask, and i've gotten myself the lovely cutesty white&red samsung propel (: and i just had to tell the world because oh how i love it so much!! I'm definitely not on the top of the tech list though because as we all know, to be hip enough for that list i would need an iphone and would have to know it inside and out and be writing this blog from some sort of blogging app. But still my phone is cute, i mean who really wants to be that tech savvy anyway, it's like one giant worldwide game, keeping up with the joneses times a million really. The whole planet's trying to play catch up for something someone else got before them that's way cooler than what they had before. It's a little bizarre, and reminds me of family guy...but then again everything reminds me of family guy. strange.

Irony!! How strange is it that the day i get off work and don't just have to go to sleep after with the prospect of waking up at 7 am is the day that all of my friends close at their jobs..really? Because that's a little ridiculous to me. I have bad luck, then again it IS friday the 13th, second month in a row, (and another one coming up in november woooooooooh! weiiird) and i guess its' my turn for bad luck, since last friday the 13th was actually a really good day! Every dog has it's day (what a stupid phrase, what does that even mean, it doesn't make sense i dont' know why i just used it..) and apparently today is my day!! I sound extremely pessimistic, i'm not i'm actually in a super good mood. And there's an infant peeking at me from the top of my desk...crazy!! Alright so, i'm off, this isn't a very good entry to my blog, and i should probably not even post it buuuut i will, shit, why not!?! New blogage on monday (: probably with some fantastic weekend stories and tales of the shred on sunday, hollaaaaa bitches

JK JK JK: i have an added rant. My other husband mmmm well, one of many.....

mm mm mm mm mmmmmm. all boys who happen to look at my blog probably hate me for putting these up but i do not care. If boys weren't so lazy and dumb girls wouldn't love twilight and therefore love edward (and/or jacob) for being the perfect man. It's a fantasy we dearly hold on to and will continue to for days to come, until someONE cleans up their act but jk cause im not even dating anyone so that doesn't make sense. BUT anyone who can make smoking and laying on the floor look THIS hot i am dtf for all eternity. And THAT is the happy note that i am choosing to end on today, enjoy, MWAH! (:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tarzan Boy

So today's good....or should be, not too cold, easy work load, up on time, well rested. But actually, today kinda blows, and i mean big time. But how else am i supposed to feel when all my friends have hit the mountain to tear it up while work 8 to 5. I will tell you right now it is NOT fair, and while i do have the satisfaction of knowing i'll be riding in just a few days on a lovely sunny sunday it's just not the same. Especially when the news to be heard is that there's lovely powder and a nice little temp of around 50 degrees. That's just ridiculous, it would happen as soon as i get a job. So i'm trying to save my sanity by watching one of the greatest video teasers of all time, granted it is from '07 but i really don't care, it captures how much fun it really is to ride (: and baltimora is sick 80's classic tunes, watch & learn:

So I'm probably just going to watch over and over again while looking for more vids since there's really no one to call right now. Pff when i think about it, being an adult sucks. I mean why can't someone just hand me loads of cash and say something like, "here you go courtney, we know you'll get your act together someday, but until you feel like it, just go shred with rach and kick it afterwards, and take this cash and go party!!" That would be the most ideal situation i think. Too bad life doesn't work that way, and i've been made to suffer. I mean really, why me? I just have to keep positive by thinking of all the easy dirty money i'm making.
Mk sooo found another vid, while looking at technine boards, and thinking to myself, hmm i want to see catherine's new midget mafia. technine is sick and if i had money for a new board (not that i need it since my radiant's still fresh) i would get a tech. So this vid is dedicated to catherine k. mwhaha!

Sick (: Okay so the next video, here's a quick little preface for you....I am in love with Andrew Geeves, and i also love the song this edit is too, not the point, he's such a good rider, and...i'm in love with him. Snowboarders have some sort of strange appeal that just for some reason makes me think they're the cutest boys in the world, who knew!?!! ( besides all my girls who agree with me aduh aka kitten ). Anywho, watch my husband riiiide. (:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay so for all of you average citizens who have no idea what Skype is....basically it's just instant messenger used in many workplaces apparently, like mine, (what up Business Promotions, the best thing to happen to my life EVER). So whenever someone needs me, i get "skyped". I mean these guys use it for eeeeverything. And it's not even really necessary, this office ISN'T huge my friends, i could shout to anyone and they'd be able to hear, but for some reason it creates a more effective workplace if everything is "skyped" to one another. I actually think that the reason they do that instead of just shouting, is not only because it'd probably get a little loud, but then they feel like they're actually doing work. Okay let me clarify, we do, do work here, it's just not that much, granted the designers design the websites and the sales guys take care of getting more accounts and everyone else just kind of answers questions and emails people to let them know what's going on, (hence my job of nothing for $8 an hour) and "skyping" the little answers back and forth makes them feel like they're in a more effective workplace. And who can blame them, i mean i'm only making this blog so i can actually produce something from this job, i mean besides lifetime work experience and the knowledge that i'm making a difference of course!!! Seriously though...i think that's probably the reason. the third day of working here i have made this observation, boys are far weirder than i had ever imagined. Especially when they're all together and aren't used to having a girl around. It's hilarious, when Tiger walks into a room (ps, tiger's oh i don't know, 6'2" 40 year old man) and goes "wassssuuuup bitcheeees, oh except courtney, sorry i forgot you were here...". Really? Why would you think that i care if you say the word bitches? ...... I mean it's not like i've ever heard it before. Hilarious. They worry over the weirdest things, did i get any pizza? No really courtney, have some pizza, you really need to eat some pizza, seriously just do it....No thank you? Especially since i just got back from lunch..hence i am full. Or, Oh court, i forgot your blue icee from the gas station! i'm so sorry next time i promise no really next time, i'll even go get it right now? Do you want it now? No...i only took it because you asked so many time, a blue icee is not really what i would consider a necessity in my life,'s okay. I think having a girl in the office is kiiind of freaking them out a little, granted i'm typically act ilke one of the boys anyway, but i think they've yet to realize that since i can be a bit on the reserved side when i first meet people.

okay so...i've added this picture randomly into my blog, and here is the reason. The other night as i was getting ready to go to bed, i turned on my tv set the sleep to 40 minutes, and started channel surfing to find some soothing reality tv sounds to drift off too, when to my surprise, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was playing on the disney channel!! Fantastic!So I"m laying in bed, completely stoked that i get to watch the movie, of one of the greatest stories ever written and it got me thinking...does the fact that i'm completely obsessed with Hrary Potter make me a nerd? I mean really, it's not just fan, i could answer any question about any book hands down. I wouldn't even have to think twice, Subrina says yes, this does make me a nerd (that and the fact that i really like musicals...who knew?) but i beg to differ. Just because i have a love for wizards and spell-throwing duels combined with teen angst and true love does NOT make me a nerd.......okay maybe a little bit, but really, i would rather read a harry potter book than pretty much anything else, which makes sense seeing as i've read all the books at least 9 times a piece, now you might be like, "wow courtney, have a little extra time on your hands?" And my answer to you, is yes. So shut up, because i like it that way, i mean really, what could be better when you're so bored and there's nothing to do than reading a book, especially one that you can read in just one day because it's really THAT intruiging (mind you i only do that on the day they come out...any other time, unless i'm ya know, ill or something, would be a little weird). So i guess what it comes down to is, if love Harry Potter and his 7 books full of adventures makes me a nerd, well then so be it, because what else would me and certain friends (anna.....) have to talk about if we hadn't read the books and maybe even secretly looked at a website that may or may not have been called though now the series is done and that was actually a waste of time because dumbledore was in fact deadl....but that's not the point. I love harry potter,...and that my friends, is not a crime.

I've gotten one task today...It's 1:46. Are you starting to understand how ridiculuos this is? I've also doodled a fantastic picture. Really it's awesome, and it's surrounding my notes from the ten minute meeting about a welcome call script this morning while i sat and drank my coffee....mmmm. A good way to start the morning. And blogging is a good way to...well i guess end my day, since i'm off work in about 3 hours. Sounds long...goes by so fast. I never realized just HOW fast time goes by when you're well..distracted. Which i do easily since i'm one of the most easily distracted people on the planet, no seriously, i've gotten an award for it. Well, enough blogging for now, time to social network creep, maybe i'll even get a leg up on everyone else and make a Twitter account!!! Because you know, who could deal with just facebook, myspace, and blogspot. I definitely need more ways to stay connected to everyone i can just text anyway, but for some reason it's far cooler to talk to everyone online. OMG BRB LOLZ WTF G2G! blog ya later interweb!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BP boredom!

10 a.m.: So getting a new job is always a little nerve-racking. At least in my opinion. So what do you expect? A huge workload? Unfriendly co-workers? To understand NOTHING of what they're telling you? To screw up the entire comany and watch it crash down all around you??? I kind of did....i mean not really but kind of, what ARE you to suspect when you start your first 9 to 5. (well actually it's 8 to 5, no big but still come on) I've never had a "real" real adult job, who's going to blame me though, give me a break i'm only 18 (almost 19 i might add (: ). So i get this job, because when does $7 an hour with 12 hours a week pay your $400 rent? Never, that's when. So i took on a great undertaking, going from getting up at 11 everyday, to 7 is really pretty mind blowing, and with the prospect of sitting at a desk for 9 hours straight, it's note exactly something to look forward to while waking up 4 hours earlier than your body anticipates. But THAT is where you're wrong my friend, sitting at this desk is one of the greatest things to happen to me. Why? you ask? Why would you possibly look forward to working at a desk for 9 hours straight minus an hour lunch break?? Well there a few reasons...........

1. As previously stated, and probably assumed, this lovely little desk job is getting me paid. And no, NOT $7 dollars an hour ( thanks a lot Justice Inc.). Actually only $8 an hour, BUT after 2 months of sitting at this desk, my pay goes up to 10. Fine by me...i'd say i deserve it (:

2. Not only do i get paid a dollar more than my previous employment, but i ALSO get probably 4 times as many hours, full time is REALLY not that bad, and it goes by fast when you figure out you're making $360 dollars a week...and just for your information that's more than i made in a month at my old job....gimme a break.

3. Okay so we're up to number 3 (have i mentioned that i'm writing this while i'm at this beloved job? yes yes i am) and the fact of the matter is, i've written an entire paragraph and 2 full reasons as to why i love this job without being given a single task to do...except answer the phone when it rings, which it hasn't....knock on wood. But really, is this a joke? I feel like my good luck could come to an end at any moment!! Where's ashton? Am i being punk'd? Who knows!!!

I'm sure some of you are, are you serious? that sounds SO boring!! And you're would be IF i wasn't facebook chatting with some of the coolest people ever (shout out to heather who would liike to be mentioned via blog) and writing this ridiculous blog. It's times like these i praise whoever invented the internet. And also, i must take the time to THANK GOD for whatever precious human being he put on the earth to start Pandora Radio. Really, it's ridiculous how good these playlists are, when i start my morning feeling a little postal servicy..and as the day goes on and i wake up more and more the same playlist has somehow magically morphed into MGMT. And then follow it up by some band i've never heard of, but now LOVE!!!! It's the little things like this that make life so worth living i'd say. Who am i to pass up this opportunity to catch up on my facebook creeping, new music finding, occassional phone call making, skype talking job of the century. I would have to be an idiot, and i am definitely NOT an idiot.

1:46 p.m.: So, Subrina has decided to copy me and create a blog. I mean not really copy me, because so many people have blogs that that would be a ridiculous thing to say, i just like to mock subrina and everything she stands for...but i can't think of anything right now, so i'll pass until further notice. Anyways, back from lunch buuuut i didn't eat anything. Why you ask? Because now that i work full time, i will be missing happy hour at Tahiti Tan. It sounds superficial and stupid...and it is, but i enjoy being tan and going to a tanning bed is a relaxing little nap away from work where i can listen to music, smell like coconut, and pretend it isn't snowing outside. I appreciate my hour lunch to the fullest by mentally taking myself as far away from a desk and computer as possible, not that i hate work or anything, it's just a good break. Besides the fact that i'm wearing jeans and now the backs of my knees are sunburnt....just a tad uncomfortable i'd say.

Before i left for my lunch break, i was asked to run errand at wal mart for my "boss" JD and pick up some much needed supplies, such as pens, notepads, paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper. It was a nice little stroll around wally world to ease my mind, when unfortunately i happened across someone i wasn't too fond of. Now i'm not going to name names.....missy......but i do not like this person very much at all. She's obnoxious, rude, immature, and resembles a horse. I know i sound mean, but our history is not exactly friendly with one another, when last summer her and her friends decided they were going to try and scare me by threatening to beat me up.....didn't work. Especially since she looks to be only 100 pounds and couldn't be taller than 5'5" at the most. I found it funny but ... she still bothers me, and we've remained enemies ever since, high school i know but let me be people, i find very few people that i can dislike and she is somehow still on the list of those i haven't forgiven too easily. So i see the high school children walking to get chips and soda and all sorts of other disgusting things that people like to eat instead of real meals and i was reminded of high school lunch time, and a funny little story that took place my sophomore year. While i was still young and impressionable and immatutre, me and my bff omgz lol heather, (noted above for being awesome at facebook chatting) had a friend who would pretty much do...anything we asked him to. We knew he basically worshipped at our feet, but we figured at some point there would be a line he just wouldn't cross, so we decided to see where that line fell, you know, just for our own personal knowledge so that we would be sure to only push so far. Anyways, heather decided that it would be funny for her to dare him to ya know, the usual throw things at people, yell dumb stuff, and finally, lick the bottom of her shoe. Okay, if this doesn't seem like a big deal then you are disgusting. High school is gross and so are the kids in it, i mean we don't care what we walk through and what goes on the parking lot or the hallway floors that haven't been cleaned since the end of last school year.....but apparently he didn't care because he did it. Well i guess he was sick of being made fun of for being heather's bitch once and for all, since it had finally been taken to a new level of...bitchness. Heather sent him off to go get her lunch for her like she always did, and he came back...with a lovely roll, nothing out of the ordinary or so it seemed. Yeah well, it wasn't, and he got it out of the trash....aaaaand she ate it. Needless to say it was well deserved but still, high school is disgusting. And that random tangent was what i was reminded of when i saw the annoying horse girl at wal mart. Great eh? I thought so.